Why I Came to Work for MSCM — Andy Hunt

Andy Hunt, Wealth Manager at McElhenny Sheffield Capital Management, feels that financial advisors should be held to a higher standard. That’s why he works with us.

 Succession Planning with MSCM 

At one point or another, every independent advisor should think about a succession partner for them and their clients. Here is Jesse’s story and why he chose MSCM as his partner.

401K Plans with McElhenny Sheffield Capital Management

If you sponsor a 401K at your company and don’t know who your fiduciary is, it’s you. McElhenny Sheffield Capital Management can help take some of that responsibility off your plate. 

Working with a Fiduciary

We choose to work with a custodian like TD Ameritrade, because we care about what happens to your money as much as you do.

Bruce Fraser on MSCM Culture

Bruce Fraser, Founder & Managing Partner of MSCM, talks about the collaborative environment he strives to foster for he and his team.