Jeffrey Beamer is a 33-year veteran of the trading/financial services industry. Prior to joining MSCM, Jeffrey was the Founder and Managing Partner of Sigma Capital Advisers LLC. Other experience includes being co-founder and Partner of Lacerte Capital Partners L.P. and Lacerte Capital Advisors LLC. Jeffrey served as Portfolio Manager for their Onshore/Offshore Hedge Fund as well as the Lacerte Guardian Mutual Fund, investment committee member and Director of Trading and Research.

Early in Jeffrey’s career he joined Fidelity Investments, the largest privately held investment firm in the U.S., and after 12 years with the firm Jeffrey left Fidelity to start his own firm, Sovereign Trading Group LLC. Jeffrey has been an instructor for the Options industry for over 15 years and has taught thousands of professional and novice traders around the world about the use of exchange traded options and still teaches and lectures today.

Jeffrey is a member and former President of the Dallas Securities Traders Association. He has also served as Chairman of the Market Technician Association and is a member of the National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM).